Some of the Frequently Asked Questions
we get from our users.

It always depends on the kind of project it is. Take, for example, if you want to see results with a high-competition short-tail keyword which has broad traffic coverage, it will take more time compared to a low competition long-tail keyword. Likewise, if you want to see some organic followers on your social page without investing in any paid campaign, it will always take more time as compared to the paid results. Your current marketing status and existing digital reach are other factors to influence the results. Besides, it also depends on the kind of business or industry you are in and the prevailing market trends that may have a bearing on your results. You can get an estimated figure and a gross idea of how much time it should take, once we are done with our first-hand inspection, analysis, and assessment of your project.

There’s a simple reason behind this. While you hire an in-house resource your scope of services and results are restricted to that person’s level of knowledge, exposure, and expertise. Working with us, you get access to a whole team of digital marketing experts working in a close-knit learning-induced pro digital environment, which is always a leap ahead in terms of finding better results with your digital marketing endeavor. The resource backup and the expert support you get here further make it a more reliable option. Plus, you get a dedicated account manager who just acts as a hired marketing professional you would choose to go with otherwise.

Yes, we are there to help businesses with consulting services to take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. It is not at all necessary for you to enter into a complete solution with us. You can take help with forming digital marketing strategies, defining road maps, training resources, and learning to build effective campaigns and carry out marketing efforts on your own.

eSage Digital is headquartered in Jaipur, India. We follow Indian time zone and work from Monday to Friday between 9:00 to 19:00 hours. However, our support team is always there to take up service queries and attend clients with any need of assistance they have. You can reach out to our support anytime on this number +91-982-809-1717.

We are a Google Premier Partner agency. This makes us one of the rare service providers to get the back of Google. This allows us to serve you with better assurance and value. We are a full-service digital marketing company, offering everything from building digital strategies, providing consulting, designing ad campaigns, building profiles, to developing your websites and marketing material, under one roof. We have certified experts working with us who take up authentic practices and trend-sensitive
approaches to build and drive campaigns. This gets us to find better on-time results for specific project needs with great control and consistency.

The digital marketing services requirement of any two different businesses is never the same. They have their own set of audiences, target market, growth zones, functional scales, digital exposures, service scopes, and various marketing factors to cover. We identify and assess all these in detail and craft plans that suit your marketing budget. These are shared with you with transparent and fair pricing structures with all the service details in a no-obligation personalized proposal.

Anything and everything Digital Marketing. You can rely on us for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay-per-click Advertising, Digital Branding, Email Marketing, E-commerce Development, Page Designing Services or just anything you can think of to help you with promoting your business or idea on the digital landscape. Go through this link to learn more about what we do.

eSage Digital works with all sizes and types of businesses. We serve businesses with different budget preferences as we understand all businesses have their growth timelines and their market sizes differ based on their scope and range of services. Being a globally recognized agency we are open to working with different businesses coming from various work backgrounds and industry verticals, operating at different geographical scales. However, our specialty is e-commerce (and everything allied) and we are always ready to dwell on that as our leading niche.

Other than these service FAQs we would like to share a very important idea that is not asked to us frequently but we believe we should share it with our users.

An important question - Who is our ideal client?

For us the ideal client is the one who wants to become a leader in their industry going with a keen digital vision. Who wants to hire us believing in our word of service and let us take the front seat to make crucial moves (because we are the experts). The one who can collaborate with us in framing the right digital strategies and plans for their business (no one knows your business better than you). Should go through periodical reports. Ask questions. Give suggestions. Should strive to rule out confusions and doubts by entering into planned discussions. It is always a plus if they know the value of time.

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