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Australian Healthcare Startup achieved 3X conversion value with high-paying RoIs.

healthcare portal


Healthcare Portal, is wholly committed to ensuring professional and exceptional growth in the medical and healthcare job marketplace. They have consistently delivered bespoke services to help healthcare businesses, hospitals and doctors in Australia search for personnel of the highest caliber to join their team. The client initially wanted to increase the traffic at least 5000 user visits per month along with an increased conversion rate.


  • The website was not mobile-friendly. It severely lacked the content on all important pages.
  • The website was not meeting standard SEO guidelines and was losing it on social presence and digital reach.
  • Missing Title & Meta Tags and duplicate Meta Tags. Canonical URL problems were also a major cause of concern as website pages are opening with multiple URLs and already indexed in various search engines.
  • The website was not receiving any quality visitors owing to the wrong targeting. The bounce rate was crippling.
  • The users would not reach the bottom of the funnel and refuse to take a confident call owing to the clumsy interface and deceptive flow of the website.

The Solution


We helped the client with a fully responsive website design so that the service can be accessed seamlessly from all devices, thereby increasing its reach to the audiences.

Our team optimized every element of SEO and fixed all the issues that were hindering the growth of website traffic. The bounce rate decreased considerably and active visitors started pouring.

But only the organic traffic was not sufficient to fulfill all the goals of the client in the time-frame provided. Therefore, we started working on paid marketing on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads along with Social Media marketing on various popular social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What we did to achieve this




The responsive web plan and strategic landing page updates helped Healthcare Portal to access more number of users in the domain expanding their range and conversion value 3-times, gaining access to the more relevant and quality audience. The site started receiving 9,000 active visitors per month against a meager number of 250 users before we started. This was a result of accessing the pro-domain audience that was mostly active on mobile devices and contributed to about 70% of segment traffic.

The organic and paid efforts together created a broader influx of visitors which were nurtured through strategic targeting and outbound marketing to convert into active users. After 50 days, we witnessed prominent growth signs in the returning-traffic (30% of total users) and the average visit time (which increased over 50%). This continued to grow in the following months at a steady rate. In the process, the churn rate was bought to one-third and bounce rate turned half.

With AdWords campaign we achieved a quality score average of 8, which provided a 39.5% lower cost per click (CPC) with high conversion volume. The ranking of the site improved across the array of major industry keywords in the fourth program quarter and replaced over 30% of total paid efforts with organic results.

  • From 250 monthly user
    base to 9,000 users
  • 39.5% lower CPC
  • Organic replaced 30%
    of paid efforts
  • Returning visit increased
    to 30% of total users
  • bounce rate reduced
    to half
  • Churn-rate brought
    down to one-third


The efforts of the team paid off and the client started getting more traffic and goal conversion
from all the leading channels. The website metrics improved to reveal better user response
and higher numbers serving all performance factors.

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