Validating And Optimizing Your
Searches With AdWords!


Google AdWords is one of the most popular tools to create ads and run pay-per-click ad campaigns to keep you visible on Google search results. But, that should never be mistaken by just investing money into the promotions. Of course, it is paid advertising and you have to pay for each click on your display or listing ad but that is not all.

Here, you need to wisely select your audiences filtering the demographics, age, location, and other factors to create an optimum audience cloud. This requires expert sampling and research on market trends and competitive scenarios. These ads need to cover the most relevant and highly potential target user segment that can get you a valid and quality response. These ads need to be grouped into a series of ads that collaboratively work in tandem to establish the right communication with the audience and make them respond to the ads in the desired manner – serving various campaign goals like higher traffic, lead generation, maximum conversion, audience reach, etc.

The ads need to be AB-tested at different performance levels to find the right ad set that performs optimally to reveal the best ROIs. These ads need to be assessed and tracked for results. So, these could be fine-tuned, updated, and replaced from time to time, to get the best results.

How A Google AdWords Management
Company Can Help?

AdWords campaigns need special attention at defining and setting them right. To make sure this is effectively performed to reach the end goal right and you have your investments in safe hands, you need to have the right AdWords Management company by your side. Here, you can be helped by a Google Adwords Certified Agency like eSage IT who has been running such campaigns for different business profiles and their varying needs.

As a leading Google ads management company, you can rely on us for results with campaigns that are driven to suit your online promotion goals. Our experts help you with making your paid marketing successful with their in-depth savvy with using AdWords tool components and their ability to sense and monitor trends and apply the right techniques to drive better click results.


Everything AdWords Covered

  • E-commerce Focused AdWords Strategy
  • Paid Campaign Analysis & Implementation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • ROI Analysis Tags optimization
  • Competitor Campaign Analysis
  • Search Network Advertising
  • Ad Variation & Testing
  • Monthly Maintenance

Why Choose eSage IT For Google Ads Management Services?

We aim for the optimum result as we plan your campaigns with our highly perceptive
and attentive approach that is backed by great service benefits.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    You are provided with a dedicated AdWords account manager working on your campaigns and acting as a SPOC for you.

  • Assistance Programs

    We keep you updated with market insights and growth factors customized to your project with our client orientation program as a part of this service.

  • Revenue-driven Tactics

    With our full-funnel optimization approach lead by perceptive revenue-driven tactics, we are able to focus on profitable acquisition drives.

  • Google Premier Partner

    There are not many Google partners. We are one of them. And this allows us to keep your project served with authentic AdWords services that are well backed by Google’s support.

AdWords Management Agency

AdWords management services that know how to get your ads performing!

Our AdWords Management Services Highlights

Google Partner team certified AdWords
Dedicated Account Manager
Budget and Cost Management
Strategic Bid Management
Extensive Profile review
Tracking and mapping conversion actions
Google Search and Display Network
Focus-spend on BOF search campaigns
Detailed Campaign Level Reporting

How We Helped Our Clients With Our
Google AdWords Services

  • Reduced cost of monthly ads of our Golf supplies client by $1000 while maintaining the click volume
  • Increased the overall traffic of a fashion e-commerce store, while bringing down the ad spends by 33%
  • Registered higher impression rate registering a YoY growth for an on-demand food service, without changing the AdWords budget
  • Increased the click-through rate three times of an ad group from 2.79% to 7.36% through ad text optimization.
  • Achieved campaign quality score average of 8, which provided a 45% lower cost per click (CPC) with high conversion volume for a hyper-local event hosting service.

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