A look at Top 6 Digital Marketing trends in India

Digital marketing is becoming popular and an essential part of business. However, digital marketing is a constantly changing industry, which comes up with new strategies, and innovations every time. Keeping a track of these changing trends is essential to ensure you remain at par with your competitors and the need of the consumers is what every brand should perceive. We bring to you some popular Digital Marketing India trends of 2015 that you can try in elevating your business and brand identity. Read more to find out –

1    Make sure your brand has recognition on all search engines – Gone are the days when getting the highest ranking on Google search engine was the priority of most brands. Engaging in a 360 degree digital marketing strategy ensures the brand and the products are recognized by different means including Google should be the focus. Ensure that the brand creates a direct forum to interact with its target audience. This can be done by various means.

2    Mobile marketing – With the increasing number of smartphone users, digital marketing does not limit itself to the web platform only. Marketing via smartphones seems as important, in fact, more important than the conventional digital marketing strategies. Spreading the word about the brand and its services via mobile apps, messages, mobile optimization, etc is an important strategy.

3    Social media marketing – Social networks are extremely powerful platforms for digital marketing. In fact, most ecommerce websites these days have a strong presence on various social medias’ including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Such platforms also give the brand an opportunity to directly engage with the consumers. Catering to the consumers requirements, complaints, doubts, etc 24/7 is easily feasible when the brand has a strong social media presence.

4    PPC is still booming – Organic search is a long term option, but PPC still holds importance, and is considered to give reasonable ROI. The investment might be high; however, the results are lucrative and good for the overall growth of the brand. Ensure that you invest equally and strategically in both, PPC and organic marketing initiatives.

5    Good quality content is necessary – Content is the king, when it comes to digital marketing. You might invest a lot on good quality website, but if the content is not at par, then it might ruin the entire effort. In fact, even if the website look is simple, but if it has good content then it is sure to attract a lot of consumers, which might lead to good conversions. Hire a professional content writer, and come up content that is innovative and understandable.

6    Conversion optimization – a good proposition It might seem to be an expensive investment, but is a popular trend that is giving effective and profitable results. Conversion optimization basically is a method to capitalize on the site visitors that convert into sales for the brand. It is a process, which studies the user trend and updates the website according to the consumer’s reaction to certain parts of your website or app.

Dec 17, 2015

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